Saturday, April 7, 2007

More pictures of our block

This is an example of what house should look like

We took this photo to our colour selection appointment to show the consultant what our preferred colour scheme was .

  • Bricks -Brighton (upgrade)
  • Render-Bringo (not the same as photo)
  • Facade-New Miami (upgrade -for rendered look)
  • Windows-Paperback-Merino
  • Garage Door- remote controll include in promotion

Our First Home

This is very exciting ,our very first

Mupshk (my hubby) and i bought this block in January and decided to

build with PD .The the Entertainer 39

will be the house were building .

i know it's a little big,Bigger than the 10 sq unit we were renting for over 6 Years !!
Anyways moving forward ......i am hoping everything will run smoothly..
( i have a lot of faith with this builder ,as we have paid a little more money).